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Why I am Alive is an effort to increase the public awareness of organ donation in Wisconsin.

Chances are, you're here because you saw an ad with our web address in it. Or maybe a friend sent you a link after they visited us. Whatever the reason, thank you for taking time to have a look and learn about how some of your fellow residents have benefitted from the organ donation process.

On this site you'll find the stories of five Wisconsin residents that have directly benefitted from the Wisconsin Donor Network by recieving organs to help keep them alive. Below, you'll find each person's story and a link to learn more about how you can become an organ donor.


Hi, My name is Barbara.  Almost four years ago, I was diagnosed with liver cancer.  My family and I were devastated with that news.  I was told by doctors my only option of survival would be a liver transplant.  I was placed on the transplant list and within two weeks, thanks to a caring family, I received the gift of life.


My name is Andy. I am 73 years old and 7 years ago I was given a new heart.

I had congestive heart failure and I was in a state of denial. I was like, this can't happen to me. And my doctor warned me about how tired I would get and that it would keep getting worse. He finally talked me into getting on the donor list. Seven and half months later I had one. I am alive. I am not dead. Every year I enroll in the Transplant Games. I run the 100-meter. I long jump. I shot put. I discus. I can do all of this because someone became a donor."


My name is Phyllis and on January 8th, 2000, I was given a second chance to live. I was suffering from a rare kidney disease that left me on dialysis for several years. And through a miracle of timing a wonderful woman named Joan donated her kidney and I am alive today. It's something that's worth everything on earth. Please become a donor and tell your family.


My name is Darren. I am 9. I am alive because my mom gave me her kidney when I was 18 months old. I am a total sports nut. I play basketball and baseball. I also go to sports camps. I love school and reading and next year I will be in the fourth grade. I hope you'll think about becoming an organ donor and helping someone like me.


Angie is 9 years old. She received her first heart transplant as an infant. Several years later, that heart failed and she received a new one which allows her to participate in her favorite activities such as riding her bike.

How to become an organ donor.

To learn more about how you can become a donor, please visit the "how to become a donor" page of the Wisconsin Donor Network website.